Knowing yourself by understanding your heart!

Everyone says that life is the greatest teacher who teaches you the deep and real lessons of this world and about it’s creatures but can someone know himself without understanding his heart? How can you affirm knowing yourself if you don’t understand the language of your heart and the message it tries to send you every moment of your life? When we are a child, we feel the message of our hearts with much more sensitivity than when we grow into adults… materialistic and worldly adults. Heart is an organ that catches every movement of our soul. Happy when we get something or when we achieve a goal or get to feel a joy, we can actually feel that feeling in our heart. Feeling happiness in heart echoes in every part of our body as well as through it’s movements. So growing into adults and paying more attention to the outside world and materialistic goals tends to fade the heart’s voice. That is how we neither understand the language of our heart nor we get to know our own being and we do remain stranger to ourselves throughout crucial years of our lives. Nevertheless the only one thing that can increase the volume of the heart’s voice is love. But who can understand love? – Shayrah

Coming next one : What is love?


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